by Turtle & Stripes Solid

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Turt and Solid's four-track EP. Turtle on the beats, Solid on the vocals.


released April 20, 2012

F. Mendez; T. Buckley



all rights reserved


Stripes Solid Bayview, Idaho


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Track Name: Salutations (co-prod. Hiko)
Salutations and welcome to those who've come
Congratulations on discovering sounds that turn you numb
I can make an acid trip literally make you trip and fall
I ain't got no flacid dick when you bitch grab my dick and balls
I spit so raw, salmonella to the third degree
Bitches drop jaws when they catch me workin Turt's beats
The difference between me and other spacemen
I make ya drop so hard ya boogyin in the basement
Patience, my reign ain't even started
But I turn a newcomer to the deathly departed
This is just experimentation
As soon as my tape drop, foe's be fearin it and be flakin
Some say I need to work on my writing
But they ain't heard it in a minute, pretty soon I'm done hiding
But for now, time to end the emancipation
GALAPAGOS EP, greetings and salutations
Track Name: Moguls (feat. LiveMurderz)
I'm a small-town king with some champagne wishes
Makin regionals now because i bust through ya districts
I'm scrubbin out the scum in the game like dirty dishes
Bitch hop on the knees, check the ring, kiss it
Elastic flow, stretch the game ouy like waistbands
A lil on the shady side you caught me sportin raybands
Okay man, get out the way like luda taught you
You suckas lukewarm, cuz really ya fools is not cool
If I ain't spittin fire then I'm spittin straight acid
come thru the stadium and fuckin trash it
hype toss me a mixtape i fuckin burned it
now all the naysayers doin naptime in the furnace
i churn this, buttery rhymes, get to stirrin
not the type to back out if that's what you're inferrin
they call me roger rabbit cuz i'm iced out with carot
gold that is, killin you snoops like red baron

We the fuck-your-squad-mob
Come through in entourage
Create lyrical mirage
Stash the bodies in garages
And fuck your crew
And fuck you too
Track Name: MarshMellows
I'm sicker than the shrimp and grits I'm vomitin'
This my Grand Day Out, bitch I'm Wallacein and Gromitin'
Riding on a comet and, cursing the name Hailey
Name it after Stripes Solid cuz he shoots for stars daily
It's crazy, I pack the bars and they ain't even pay me
Sport Tripparel that I snatched from Turt to keep them bitches straying
I'm saying, if you ain't gonna man up and grab the mic
I'll seize you from existing in the open like the pastor's wife
I've mastered life, only to achieve death
Pressure's what has kept me going, can't you see, I need stress
To be the best, I'm seeing next my dreams flipping reality
Elemental flow, only need to sneeze to spit alchemy
Track Name: Fortwentee
You saw us comin but you didn't do shit
You mother fuckers better? Go head, prove it
Turt and I creating that smoke music
Dope and we still fuckin broke you bitch
Ridin a Galapagos make my foes comatose
Ask your girlfriend about us, bitch, she probably knows
Bumpin' the Nasir, you faggots is all queer
Line 'em up in front of me, bulldoze 'em like John Deere
Slurpin' up McFlurry's, hakuna matata, no worries
Surley I spit it like curry and no one can deture me
Snatchin' up Arizonas from ya local Jacksons
Relaxin' all cool like Willie, chillin' out maximum
Meet me at the pool, or the mall, or the park
Don't matter if you're cool, short or tall, light or dark
Just need a fly squad I can call my entourage
And use it to make music and mid-June mirage
Bitch, I'm rigorous, twizzle limbs like licorice
Droppin science and kickin it and y'all still on some simple shit
The dimples kid, realin it, born to be different
Competition's tomb, I'm diggin it, stomp n squish you and pillagin
The village is in danger, guards off duty
Style is deranged but not far from beauty
Who's he? Solid like ionic metal crystalline
And I can't stop it, fiends get addicted like nicotine
You and your bro's novice components are so close to shit
So when I'm roamin in the sewer zone, my nose can host it quick
Boastin sick rap strategies, pump em out like a factory
Down MC's like faggots be downin strawberry daquiris

Take a smoke
Don't give a fuck
Roll the dope
Toke it in the truck
Bass up
Windows down
Stay stuntin
Around town
Fuck the rest
Turtle and Stripes Solid
We the best
We in that green haze
Watch the dro flow
I can't see straight
Spittin slow mo