by Stripes Solid

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This is my first release and I hope you at least listen whether you like it or you hate it.


released June 7, 2012

T. Buckley; S. Oak; Black Ken; R. McNamara



all rights reserved


Stripes Solid Bayview, Idaho


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Track Name: This Life (prod. Monsta Mayne)
Just a young dreamchaser, around school he's pretty meek
That shit done put me through hell more and more each week
Now I'm bustin right through it, and although I don't gotta prove shit
I'm showing all you losers that I can really do this
Started out amateur, still feeling amateur
But now I got the nine and my favorite manager
We bout to go big, pretty soon, just wait
Stripes Solid - SolidDolphins finna be a must-play

Hard with the spaceship, hearts is racin
First you call me basic, now you ain't say shit
Music gods, praise this, beat has been laced with
Subliminal faces, the lyrics is chaser

Are you out of your fucking mind?
Do you know what I put into this? The work and the time?
By now I figured that my destiny would be mine
But it all depends on what people think of my rhymes
But my music ain't just rhymes, it's got the soul and the realness
Where's the lonely people at? I know you lovely spirits feel this
All I ask is for you to flip on your speakers
As the beat gets shorter, my mentality gets weaker
Only thing keeping me living is the music
The lyrics, the treble, the bass, it all muses
I'm just confused with, what the fuck to do
Should I take my time, or should I just rush it through?
This life is only handed to us once
So don't bite the hand that feeds you or you will die when that hand wants

So many people take shit for granted
Well I take what I can get and what I'm meant to be handed
This life ain't a joke although some prove differently
They walk around with regret like, whoa, are you kidding me?
No remorse in this course of life
Whatever I am and whatever happens is alright
There's no modifications to your daily complications
You just gotta learn from mistakes, stop tryna change it
You can say I've fucked up a good amount
But there's no use tryna get it back or hiding in self-doubt
Because without our faults and our flaws
No one would strive to be better and this life would be a loss
You gotta be all you can be
And only change for yourself, don't change for me
If people ain't down with your lifestlye, please forget em
If they're telling you what to do, you better get to dippin

Because I don't wanna live in a world where it's okay
To worry about how others' should act and forget your poor ways
Maybe it's just me or each generation is more twisted
If you ain't fit in, leave or fit the definition
Or fix it, that's how people think and it's fucked up
Nobody wants to be themselves and I've had enough
I'm pursuing happiness, leaving this forsaken planet
And if it ain't change in a decade, then please, god, damn it!
Track Name: Launchpad (prod. TR∆WL)
Flying out the fucking Earth, nothing's gonna stop me
I'll be amongst the stars while you're in hell rotting
You humans are like scanners because all you do is copy
Another to fall victim to your stystem? Well it's not me
I'm probably the only one left with opinion
One jock takes a fad and proceeds to preach his minions
What happened to the heart and being who you wanna be?
I've given up, I've made my choice, goodbye world, I'm gonna leave

Bust and flee this forsaken planet
Fend off any hostility with these four, clay cannons
You're lame, now can it, not taking shit from you earthlings
(You can label me conscious) But that really does irk me!
Detour me? No, this been my dream for years
If you ain't scared to test my talent, I'll redeem your fears
Countdown initiated, S.S. Dolphin
Fuck the expression, I'm flying away from my problems

Such a relief, the whole universe to explore
I got the stars, the galaxies, all I need and more
Make friends with the martians, pay for spaceship parking
Where's the space cafe? That flight got me starvin
The very best part is, no more people watching
The only voices I'll hear will be the martians and my walkman
No more judgmental fuckers lurking on each movement
If you ask me, this journey will be quite the improvement
Track Name: Cruise Control (feat. Einstein) (prod. Bewilderment)
We're so rad, we're nomads, of the starry skies
And if we crash there is a very small chance that we will cry
Stripes and Stein planning on dying outside the trophosphere
Forever explore galaxies cuz actually we're known frontiers
Yes, I'm cool again, placing bets on Tatooian
At the pod race with Jabba gambling on who will win
And afterwards, when I step up into the cantina
It will be very similar to me stepping in an arena
We bout that fight life
Knocking Greedo cold on his feet until he need a night light
I'm like, the center of this universe's limelight
A 15 year old spitting gold, who can fucking rhyme tight
(Yeesh, he sounds cocky) What you expect, who gon stop me?
You can call me sargeant, I'm ahead of this martian posse
Watch me barrel roll through the game like Star Fox
I spit clean, I'm spotless, the competition got small pox
Track Name: Creative Base (prod. Tripcode)
Just a kid with a dream and I'm tryna go places
The kinda places that I can venture to in a spaceship
I'm out of this world, not your ordinary teenager
And I'm passin up these MC's like I'm Speedracer
Not a green chaser, just a planet pursuer
My sounds provoke pleasuring positions like karma sutra
Not new to the game, but this my first official
Sick like Tuburqulosis cuz it's in my initals
TB, remember me, I'll aways be here to stay
Rebellious teen cuz they don't care what we say
So Imma start actin up and pursue this rappin stuff
So when I attack rough, competition's like that's enough
Every time I speak up, they just gimme mean mugs
Actin like, "you need us" and their bullshit jesus
Fuck religion, fuck race, fuck hate, and fuck you
Tryna keep me close minded that's not what I'm gon do

My goals as a musician? Make others happy
Give others the oppurtunity that I wasn't grabbing
Now I'm all depressed, and slowly turning to a mess
But the music help me escape from the school and the stress
I strive to be the best but I'm not sure why
I make music for myself and you too if you like
At school I'm not even relevant, I'm just there for the hell of it
Too shy to go and tell kids about music I welded
But nothing's gonna stop me
Keep grindin, tryna find my spot in the top three
Do you not see the shit I've accomplished as a youth
My rhymes deserve royalty like spittin out a golden tooth
You know dude, I deserve this shit the most
Been puttin in work since three years ago
Never gettin boxed in, I always find my way out
Every single word is original that come out this mouth
Track Name: GTFUOYAB (prod. BLVNC)
Welcome to my lyrical paradise
Where the rhymes that I spit hit to fearable farenheits
But it's all love, I ain't here to talk my shit
I'm here to make the rap game exact opposite
Pause and listen to the rhythm
Surround the crowd with so many bars, they'd think they're in prison
I dreamt up a fantasy several years ago
To hop up in the rocket and cure my woe
And any motherfucker tryna set me on detour
I'm back on track and after that for sure, you'll see fewer
Of these whack tryna tell me how to live my life
Grab 'em by the forehead and kiss 'em goodnight
Head in the clouds, precipitation rather loud
Brainstorming and in doubt, will I find my way out?
Only one way, and that way is the light
Today's a new day, and it's lookin' quite bright

Get the fuck up off your ass bitch

Local producers used to not want to work with me
It's like "goddamn, it's not like you was gettin' currency?"
But they ain't worth my speech, I kept workin' hard
Locked up every day in my room with beats insertin bars
I've made it thus far, I ain't finna turn back
See all the progress I've made? Motherfucker, I earned that
And I ain't even halfway, still workin with the lightweights
Youth with ambition, I got the trigger, I won't hesitate
Locked and loaded, cocked and sploded, all over the fuckin' room
It's seeping through the door, it wants more, you better listen to
The man with no plan but still working his way up
And they gon praise us, I'm hurting all you lame fucks
I'm dangerous, styles of rhyme technique is treachorous
I've never fit in, but I can force it like tetris
The best is, the slept on, but I'm gonna try and change that
Let's wake up, you see all this whack? I detain that
Track Name: Adult Swim (feat. Mad Murderz) (prod. BLVNC)
I spit that lyrical, fourteen year old miracles
Eat MC's for cereal, and spread my steez imperial
You were cool like, a year ago
And when I play, embrace the bass when you hear it blow
I'm smearin foes, they still drippin like wet paint
#1 rookie and I'm here to play my best game
The next name to come through and fly out the ball park
I'm the new dope to roll up before y'all spark

The drums have gone missing but my flow sure hasn't
Number one rapper who is still a backpacker
All the others jabber tryna get a full platter
They starve, not gettin fatter and they still soundin whacker
Saltine cracker but my flow could get real dark
I am not Asher, I roll smooth on go-kart
MadMurderz, just in case you ain't heard of
Her words bring back the drums and purge you nerds on purpose

Bringing back the old school, spit fire on you cold fools
Spittin out a gold tooth, my every move controls you
Just feel the flow groove, continue to ride
Pop lyrical .9s, and turn the beat raw hide
My lucky number's seven so I live and let die
My style feel sorta like when a jet flys
When I'm down in Cali, I left my flow shine
Wait, no, I lied, I do that all the time

Once again, we got them fiends rushin in
I'll clutch the mic again but sorry if I offend
Control you like Pikmin, I'm movin Hocotate Freight
MadMurderz on my tape, that's a lot on my plate
Also produced by Blvnc, he the magic behind it
And we hit ya so fast that ya had ta rewind it
From this light, you're blinded, but that's just a side effect
I need a translator, they can't handle lyrical diallect
Track Name: Burger King (prod. Jetlag)
You can be a fucking lame
Or you can listen to some Solid
Teenager taking over the game
Shout his name like DJ Khaled
Fuck school I got a room
Witta mic in it
Got a based bitch tied up
And she ain't fightin it
I'm likin it
Yes the beat so crisp
I spit peas and carrots
Like I spit witta lisp
The number one most hated
Number two emancipated
The first is Detox
But we ain't never gonna play it
Did he just say it?
Yes he did
No shots fired at Dre, though
Man, I just kid
I gotta release this shit pretty soon
Or else
I'm gonna pronounce doom
And send myself to hell
It's been too long, like what, four months
Sorry for the wait
Excuse me just this once

You can have it this way
You can have it that way
You can have it your way
I'm gon' have it my way

Who the fuck is he, why he spit so dope?
His lyricalamity give other MC's no hope
I should be charged for lyrical manslaughter
I look innocent on the surface but you ain't see in the water
I'm the Midnight Marauder, I kidnap your daughter
Take the bitch down to Barber and tell her to paddle harder
Anyone plug me in ain't listen for a short way
You could be cool but you can have it your way
Track Name: Ultraviolet (feat. Ant-Live) (prod. Tony Knocks)
Ultraviolet lights, expose all the fuckin white
Drippin from my jeans, you ain't seen the shit we do at night
Takin flight, pickin fights with anyone who tryna bite
Prophecy is what I write and what I'm takin is ya life
Don't fuck it us
Bitchmade motherfuckers get blown to dust
S-O-L-I-D we L-I-V-E
Errbody flee, we on that ultraviolet spree

We came through mobbin, got your daughter's heart throbbin
If she stop screamin and sobbin that might resolve our problems
Embody her throat with toxins now she nauseous and it's awesome
How we stompin competition and cloggin the shit they talkin
You rap hobbits swallow my cock and hop in your coffins
That I pre-ordered from Gotham with top notch cataloguin
Twist the door knob and proceed to hit Rock Bottom
As I shock the squad with hot bars I pulled outta my pocket
Smack a whack if he ever after my stash
Of lyrical hash and verbal crack manufactured by my past
I'm fuckin rad, master the craft that most you fools lack
It's sad this lame chatter is named pastor of this rap
I'm in the passenger laughin because the back's inhabited
By bad bitches passin out from the grass that they been draggin
I make the game lag, crashin all you lame fags
So stay back, because I ain't one to let the grave slack
Track Name: Aquatic Kingdom (prod. BLVNC)
As I delve gradually to deeper waters
With hopes I might cross paths with Poseidon's pretty daughter
Blowin bubbles out the reef because I've gotten to a depth
That if I tried to breathe in I surley might meet my death
Never fret, just head straight, forget the surface
Pondering on if dying in paradise would be worth it
I came here to be alone and seek out treasure
Whether it's now or never, I wanna shine in my endeavors
A bit under the weather, I literally can't see the clouds
But too late now, I'm already deep down
Every sight I witness is incredibly majestic
I'm passin through a coral reef and it seems infested
With life more gorgeous than what you see on land
Everything's so much better with the water and the sand
Damn, I wanna spend my life in this aquarium
And that just might happen if I don't escape delirium

Look at the shark
He's getting near to me
He ain't fearing me
What do I do?
He's getting closer
I just wanna make friends, why don't we be friends?

I say hello to the shark, even if he ain't friendly
If he try and swallow me up, it won't offend me
Fish are friends, not food, come swim, do not be rude
See the mermaids? Them broads is god awfully cute
I'm thinkin of approachin em, that's the nice thing to do
They can take me on a journey, and sing to me too
She wanna be part of my world
But you ain't know what's going on on the surface, baby girl
There's a reason I swam to the deep in an impulse
Every landlubber is a sheep and simple
And as I further my journey, I get closer
To the beautiful heavens of the planet Earth's ocean
I can feel the notion that things are getting bright
I can't tell on the surface if it's day or if it's night
But here's my discovery, a beautiful blank canvas
Here I thrive in the abandoned Atlantis

No one's here
Just me and the fish
And that's how I like it
No one's here
Just abandon ship

It's all mine
Today we shine
Never experienced awesome
Until you experience SolidDolphins
Track Name: Big Red (prod. BLVNC)
Drop lyrical acid and walk on the sunshine
If you ain't had it I suggest try it one time

Drop lyrical acid and trot across the sun rays
If you ain't had it, I suggest try it one day
Gotta place on the sun, if you want, you can come stay
There's no exit, but, you can find some way
There's no cure for this unearthly addiction
But that's how I like it, I don't live how it's written
I go with the flow, make snap-decisions
Head into the light and dismiss suspicion

And since I'm feeling lonely
Maybe you could visit
The sun's always glowing
So you can't miss it
I gotta lot of room
One guest won't hurt
So before you wallow in gloom
Just try it first and

What's this I see? A shooting star filled with mystery
It can't end in misery, only serendipity
The alien light sheds off new hope
Excitement bubbles, it moves to slow
It radiates frontier and a bit of destiny
Such a feeling I must just set it fee
My fists in the air, shout for joy
This will enhance the way I enjoy

Hey, I'm floating 'round space

Excuse me, but, what's that I hear?
This glorious sound inside my ear
It sounds like it is coming near
Anticipate no time for fear

I've been going insane, baby

Once you leave the trophosphere, there is no time for looking back
I'm soaring through, I'm almost there, look at the sun, I'm cookin fast
So much space and so little time, we can change that in just a couple
Why don't you join me, sit and dine, thank you for coming, sorry for your trouble
Track Name: Imperial (feat. Ant-Live, Tubesock & Einstein) (prod. Neon Phelps)
Empire gunfighter, take you down with fly desire
Strip you down right to the wire, shoot you down in my starfighter
Hip-hop's epic poet writer, turn a hype into a cryer
Phil don't think we can get much higher, hold up, Mad, pass the lighter
I'm going all in like it's ya bitches birthday
It's the critics' worst day, murder with the wordplay
You motherfuckers think you got essence?
I make MC's feel distress and they drop they weapons
I'm the illest, call that shit a double sneeze
Baseball bat the rap game, watch me bust a couple knees
Rubble steez, turn ya empire to ruins
Rappers tryna take me to school, but I remain truant
Nine motherfuckers in ya whole damn area
Hit you witta spade and use the same one to bury ya
You can't touch us, man, we loud with the hammers
Empire IX, read our names on the banner
Fuckin awesome, fuckin dolphin, Solid as a rock
Lyrical 9 is what I cock, in a ski-mask with Tubesock
They do stop when we come around, they come in
If somebody think they better then the Empire is summoned
We riding round town, me and Turt got yo bitch
If the bitch bout to snitch, we keep her as a dinner dish
If you tryna act tough, we end that in a second
Put me in the honor rolls if you wanna test it
Track Name: Star Trek (prod. BLVNC)
I've dreamt about this since I was rocking training wheels
Scoping out the industry, before I came, I aim to kill
Place the bodies in my fanbase
While I continue to rock venues 'til the crowd can't stand straight
I am fate, motherfucker, mapping out whacks' destinies
Never drop a greatest hits, you'll always see the best of me
I'm in the clouds, causing thunder, wait 'til the lightning strikes
Even when I got my fangs, watch a hype try to bite, I might smite
Nawh, fuck that, I'm going to
I could ruin your shitty life without even knowing you
Proceeding to crush careers like Coke cans
Then chuck 'em in the canyon my flow is so grand
But any way, I'll be on my classics like any day
Just loading up the clip, releasing lyrical semi-spray
Hemingway, poetic with the urban noise
Back the fuck up, oh, you heard him, boys